A Critical Code

Too often I listen to radio stations and hear a fundamental problem.. long strings of songs between core artists.  Or a bunching of cores followed by a long string of non core songs.  One sure way to make sure your tsl will improve is to make sure you code CORE and NON CORE on all song cards.  In Country for example code CORE for George Strait, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Toby Keith and the like.  Then NON CORE on songs by artists like Jake Owen, Zac Brown Band, The Lost Trailers.  Then set rules based upon the compostion of the library coding.  If the database is close to 50-50 Core/Non Core then you could ask for non more than 3 Core and no more than 3 Non Core in a row.  Plus set preferred rules to 2 Core in a row and 2 Non Cores in a row.  When you look at your music log (and highlighting makes it easy to see) you should see the Core songs spread like telephone poles through the hours.  Kind of like making sure there is burger with every bite!  If a listener listens for 15 minutes they certainly hear core material.

Perhaps more critical than a sensible tempo or energy code to make sure slows are spread.. you NEED a code to make sure core songs are spread through every hour.


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